Aikido Kenshukai Dojo

Introduction to Aikido Kenshukai Dojo

 Aikido is a Way to realizing self-improvement (lit. self-completion) and one's dreams, with the goal of glorious victory (over the self that has held one back from realizing their goals).  It is a concrete method of training of mind (lit. heart) and body that can help one deal and cope with misuse of (political/social) power, (threat or use of) violence, fear, etc. in their everyday life. Furthermore, training will allow one to see into the truth of things, helping to free them from the power, violence, fear, etc. that has held them back from realizing their goals.


  The training methodology of Aikido adopted at our dojo allows anyone, regardless of age or sex/gender--even those with no confidence in their athleticism/stamina--to improve themselves through natural unforced movement.


 Please come and train to begin your journey to transform into a new you in a way that that is fun and enjoyable to both mind and body!


 People with no experience and those with experience seeking to further improve are all welcome to come and observe class. (Class observations are free)