Aikido Seminar by Yamaguchi Tetsu Shihan

Aikido Kenshukai Dojo holds monthly Aikido seminars led by Yamaguchi Tetsu Shihan.


The monthly Aikido seminar is held on a weekend of each month, and the date will be announced once it has been scheduled. The announcement will usually be made at least one month ahead to help people adjust their plans.


The Aikido seminar is made up of 4 periods over 2 days (Saturday evening and Sunday morning) for a total of 5 hours time.


Anyone can participate even if they plan to join for just 1 period.

Please register by providing your name, age, rank, and organization and sending it by e-mail to us at our e-mail address below.




Aikido Seminar Schedule

Aikido Kenshukai Dojo Online Seminar

The Aikido Kenshukai Dojo Online Seminar is led by Yamaguchi Tetsu Shihan using video and/or photos for shared viewing via online meeting.


Those who are affiliated with Aikido Kenshukai Dojo or have previously attended Yamaguchi Tetsu Shihan's Seminar and have received express approval to join and may register via e-mail.

Online Seminar Schedule

The date of the next Aikido Kenshukai Dojo Online Seminar remains yet to be determined.

Thoughts from Participants of the Online Seminar

The reviews of the 1st Aikido Kenshukai Dojo Online Seminar has been collected and made available on the blog "Aikido Kenshukai Practioner's Page." Please view them by clicking on the links below.

(Japanese language only)


Review collection #1


Review collection #2